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Short-stay decision further exposes Liberals’ housing failures

Today’s Tasmanian Planning Commission decision on the short-stay accommodation sector is further evidence that the Liberal Government has dropped the ball when it comes to addressing Tasmania’s housing crisis.

The Government tried to shirk its responsibility to act on the issue, stating it was the responsibility of councils to make their own decisions on short-stay applications.

The commission’s ruling today confirms that Minister Jaensch provided incorrect and misleading advice, and that councils can’t act in a way that the state government said they could.

The Liberals need to act now to fix this short-stay stuff-up, and act at a state-wide level to regulate the short-stay market.

When will this government finally start taking responsibility for Tasmania’s housing crisis?

Critical issues such as housing should be a focus of Government, yet the Liberals continue to obsess about building a roofed football stadium in Hobart, rather than taking responsibility for putting a roof over the heads of Tasmanians.

A Labor government would put a pause on new whole home short-stay permits until Tasmania’s housing crisis subsides.

Labor in government would work with local councils to make sure the short-stay sector can continue to operate sensibly and sustainably, but not in a way that hampers the huge need to provide housing for Tasmanians.

Originally published February 17, 2023

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