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Labor bringing back a public housing workforce for maintenance

A Rebecca White Labor Government will re-establish a public housing workforce to deliver more affordable housing to the people who need it most.

Labor’s public housing workforce will carry out an additional $10 million of maintenance on public housing each year, on top of current contracted works.

This will enable us to fix up more than 200 publicly-owned houses that are sitting empty because the Liberals have let them fall into disrepair, and will help to clear the massive maintenance backlog the Liberals have allowed to grow over the past 10 years.

This means more houses for people who need them most, and better living conditions for tenants across Tasmania.

Labor’s public building workforce will also be an apprenticeship training powerhouse, with as many as 100 additional Tasmanians potentially starting a trade over the next five years.

This will provide a pipeline of skilled workers for the Tasmanian construction industry and help address the longstanding underrepresentation of women in the industry.

After 10 years of the Liberals, Tasmanian families are sleeping rough while hundreds of homes sit empty because they haven’t been maintained – it’s a complete failure.

People are getting sick because of unaddressed issues like black mould and a lack of proper ventilation, and Tasmanians with disabilities or mobility issues are living in unsuitable properties.

If the Liberals haven’t done anything about it in 10 years, they never will.

A Labor Government will bring back government builders, train more tradies, get more women into trades, and get more houses fixed up as soon as possible.

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