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Partnership to unlock 1,500 new dwellings, new ferry terminal in Bridgewater

A Rebecca White Labor Government will join forces with Brighton Council to unlock the development of up to 1,500 new dwellings as part of a partnership for apartments, housing and urban renewal.


Labor Leader Rebecca White said Labor’s top priority was taking urgent action on the cost of living – and that included urgent action on housing.


“With our commitments so far, including our game-changing zero deposit home ownership program, our plan to build 2,000 new apartments, open up more land for development, and encourage the construction of 1,000 new dedicated rental properties – we’ve shown we’re serious when it comes to fixing housing in Tasmania,” said Ms White.


“We understand these are ambitious plans, and that’s why we’re keen to partner with local councils to get the job done.


“Through providing $250,000 funding for the development of Brighton Council’s Bridgewater masterplan, we’ll make sure an opportunity to unlock 1,500 new dwellings and realise the area’s full development potential isn’t missed.


“The master planning process will establish the best uses for the various sections of land, identify infrastructure needs, create the relevant planning controls and get to development-ready stage for both public and private investment.


“The process will also ensure that there is provision for much better public transport for this area, including bus services, and park and ride and the potential to co-locate a new child-care centre to support greater participation in training and employment.


“I’m excited to announce that a Labor government will also commit $7 million towards building a ferry terminal at Bridgewater, which alongside the masterplan, will really take the area to the next level.


Shadow Minister for Housing Ella Haddad said Labor would pull out all the stops to see a better housing future.


“After 10 years of the Liberals Tasmania is stuck in a housing crisis, and it’s time for a better future,” said Ms Haddad.


“We need to think big, and a Labor government will work with all stakeholders to see the development of new housing.”


Shadow Minister for Transport Josh Willie said failing public transport was a pressing issue in the Bridgewater community.


“Whether it’s buses not showing up, or being snubbed for the ferry expansion, people living in the broader Brighton Council area have been let down by the Liberals for too long when it comes to public transport,” said Mr Willie.


“Today’s announcement shows there can be a better future for public transport across the Brighton Council region with a Labor government.”


Bridgewater masterplan details:


  • Unlocking the development of up to 1,500 new dwellings – with a range of dwelling types, densities, public and private

  • Planning to tackle the region’s public transport issue, including bus interchange linking Northern Suburbs corridor, park and ride servicing Sub-region and ferry terminal for potential future services

  • Urban regeneration around the Precinct, Old Main Road, foreshore and along Boyer Road.

  • Further commercial and mixed-use opportunities on foreshore and Old Main Road

  • Public and recreation space opportunities, including foreshore trails, cycle and pedestrian links into industrial hub, parks, jetty and boat ramp.

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