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All hands on deck for a better future for housing

A Rebecca White Labor Government will adopt an “all hands on deck” approach to get more housing built faster for first home buyers and Tasmanians in need.

After 10 years of the Liberals, Tasmania simply isn’t building enough social and affordable houses.

Nearly 1,000 lots have been “fast tracked” for approval through Housing Land Supply Orders, but as of Homes Tasmania’s last report, only six houses have been built.

There has been a 50 per cent decline in building approvals since 2021.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said Labor would throw the kitchen sink at building more houses, including leveraging public-private partnerships to encourage the development of more housing.


“We know the government can’t do it alone, and we’re ready to work with the private sector to build more houses through public-private partnerships,” Ms White said.

We’ll work with the construction industry to exchange vacant government land for a share of the housing they’re able to build on that land.

And we’ll make sure the housing that’s returned to the government—likely up to a quarter of each development—is set aside for first home buyers participating in our zero deposit GameChanger program, as well as social housing.

“Labor is deadly serious when we say we want to change the game for first home buyers in Tasmania.”

Shadow Minister for Housing Ella Haddad said increasing housing supply was vital and public-private partnerships would play a big role in helping Labor implement its ambitious housing policy package.


“In addition to addressing the housing crisis, exchanging land for social housing is an effective way to build diverse communities with good social outcomes.”


“This policy will work hand in hand with our other initiatives in this space, including purchasing “off the plan” apartments and medium-density dwellings for use as social housing and providing incentives for build-to-rent developments,” Ms Haddad said.


“After 10 years of the Liberals, we know the same old approaches when it comes to housing will get us nowhere.


“It’s time for a better future for housing in Tasmania, and a Labor government will make achieving that our priority.”

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