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What I'm fighting for 

Ella has worked hard in parliament and in the community since she was elected. Even from opposition she has achieved real change to improve lives 

The rights of young people 

In 2018, Ella recommended and moved amendments to rename sexual offences against children. Previously, there were offences in Tasmania’s criminal code that were not reflective of the seriousness of this type of offending. Ella moved amendments that would have renamed the offence ‘maintaining a sexual relationship with a child’ to be named ‘persistently sexually abuses a child’ and other similar renaming amendments.

While these amendments were not supported by the Parliament, the Government at the time agreed in principle to the concept and later moved their own government legislation to achieve this change.

ella at a childcare centre with little kids.jpg

The rights of the LGBTIQA+ community

Ella has always stood up for the rights of the LGBTIQA+ community. In 2018 in the thick of her first election campaign, she paused her own campaign activities to go doorknocking for the YES campaign for marriage equality. When she was then elected later that year, she got to work with the cross bench to introduce nation leading amendments to Tasmanian laws to protect the rights of transgender and gender diverse Tasmanians.

Cleaning up politics 

Ella has campaigned for laws to regulate campaign spending and political donations in Tasmanian politics. She introduced legislation on behalf of the opposition, put significant pressure on the government and has heavily amended government laws to make sure political parties and candidates have to declare donations in real time, and to put spending caps on how much candidates and parties can spend on their elections.

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