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More social housing sitting empty

The number of empty social housing homes in Tasmania has grown under a tired, ten-year old government.


The Productivity Commission’s Report on Government Services data shows that the number of “untenantable” social housing homes in Tasmania has risen from 215 to 238.


The number of “untenanted” homes has also grown to 459 (up from 395 last year), meaning at the time the data was collected, there were 221 homes lying empty.


Minister for Housing Nic Street was very upset with Labor for talking about our policy to urgently repair the 215 untenantable homes listed in last year’s data, labelling the figure as false.


Now that the number of untenantable homes has grown, does he deny the new figure too?


After 10 years of a Liberal government, Tasmania’s housing waitlist is the longest it has ever been.


It’s clear we need to do everything we can to increase available housing stock.


If elected to government, Labor remains committed to urgently repairing the untenantable social housing homes so that the record-long housing waitlist can be shortened.


This is in addition to our range of housing policies, including a Build to Rent program, expanding the MyHome scheme and committing to the existing target of building 10,000 social and government homes before 2032.

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