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It’s time for a better future for renters

Labor’s top priority is taking urgent action on the cost of living – and that includes urgent action on housing.

A Rebecca White Labor Government will give Tasmanian renters a better future by implementing a range of measures to help them make their house a home, and help with the cost-of-living crisis.


To ensure a better future for renters, a Labor government would:


  • Let renters make a house a home.  We will allow renters to hang pictures, plant veggie gardens, affix furniture to the walls for safety, and put in child safety gates and mobility aids.  We will also allow renters to have pets, and make clear that assistance animals are always allowed in rental homes.

  • Crack down on rent bidding and other dodgy practices with more funding for the Residential Tenancy Commissioner to do its job. We’ll provide the RTC with funding for an additional investigator, who will be dedicated to reviewing reports of unlawful and unfair behaviours.

  • Establish a Portable Bond Scheme so tenants can carry their bond over from one home to another.

  • Make it unlawful to ask for more information than is necessary for residential lease agreements.  Real estate agents won’t be allowed to ask renters for a full bank statement, for example. And we’ll make sure real estate agents follow privacy requirements so your information is safe.

  • Protect people against unfair evictions as a way of getting around existing limits on rent increases, and act upon the federally agreed Better Deal for Renters by implementing a requirement for genuine reasonable grounds for eviction.

  • Implement extra protections for tenants experiencing domestic or family violence.


Quotes attributable to Labor Leader Rebecca White


These changes are simple, but will make a world of difference for tenants’ standard of living and quality of life.


They will also be delivered alongside our commitment to increase rental stock through incentivising build-to-rent developments, and encouraging the development of 2,000 new apartments across the state.


It’s time for a better future for housing in Tasmania, and a Labor government will deliver that – helping renters make their houses a home and providing protections to help in a cost-of-living crisis.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Housing Minister Ella Haddad:


After 10 years of a Liberal government Tasmania is in the grips of a housing crisis, with renters facing some of the harshest market conditions in the nation.


If the Liberals haven’t helped renters after 10 years – why should Tasmanians think they’ll start now.


Renters need and deserve better protection, and in addition to helping make their houses more liveable, these measures will also help take some of the financial stress out of renting too.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs Jen Butler:


Like a number of issues holding Tasmania back, the Liberals have had 10 years to address these problems, but have done nothing until an election campaign was called.


If Tasmanians really want to see a difference, they must vote Labor.

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