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Completed housing sits vacant while families languish on waitlist

At the same time more Tasmanian families are languishing on the housing waitlist than ever before, newly completed government housing is sitting empty.

Labor understands a 10-unit government housing development in Greater Hobart has sat vacant for months since being completed last year.

The Rockliff Government owes Tasmanians on the housing waitlist an explanation about why it has taken so long to fill these homes.

If the government had acted more urgently, 10 families who were homeless or facing severe housing stress over the Christmas period could have had their worries eased.

Yesterday it was revealed the number of applicants for social housing in November had reached a record high of 4,701 – roughly double what it was when the Liberals first came to power in 2014.

The average time to house priority applicants in the latest Housing Dashboard sits a shocking 94.7 weeks – roughly four times longer than it was 10 years ago.

The Liberal government repeatedly points to its welcome commitment to build 10,000 homes, but the reality is that they are falling way behind on their targets.

Even when they are building homes, it appears they are sitting empty while thousands of families wait desperately for a solution.

If the Liberal Government hasn’t addressed the major housing issues after 10 years in office, Tasmanians can be sure that they never will.

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