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Building a better and more inclusive Tasmania

A Rebecca White Tasmanian Labor Government will build on Tasmania’s long-term support for LGBTIQA+ rights by introducing a range of measures including a dedicated Ministerial portfolio of Equality so the LGBTIQA+ community has a loud and powerful voice inside government. 

A Labor Government will provide peak body funding of $300,000 a year to Equality Tasmania. This is a historic commitment that recognises the work Equality Tasmania has done over many decades, which has led to foundational policy change in this state.


Equality Tasmania (formerly the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group) has been a vital organisation for decades but has never been formally recognised as a peak body, or funded accordingly, which Labor is committed to doing in Government. 

And we will increase the core funding for Working it Out by an extra $95,000 per annum, to support this excellent organisation in its important work with schools and families to deliver long-term positive outcomes. 

Importantly, Labor will also scrap the current Liberal Party Bill dealing with conversion practices and present legislation that would actually achieve a ban on these harmful practices, and protect Tasmanians from the trauma they inflict.  

The current Bill does not do that and could have the reverse effect of in fact increasing conversion practices in Tasmania and make things worse. 

Labor will also continue and improve on existing State Government work, including the Framework, Action Plan and government working groups, such as the Whole-of-Government Working Group, which will work across agencies to increase service delivery in health, education and more 

Tasmanian Labor has a proud history of supporting LGBTIQA+ diversity, and we want to make sure we continue to build on this. 

A dedicated Equality portfolio will enable this and ensure Tasmania remains a welcoming and inclusive state for everyone. 

It’s time for a better future, and Tasmanian Labor will deliver for everyone in our communities. 

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