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8 years on priority housing wait list, still waiting

Housing Shadow Ella Haddad today visited Tammy Temple who has had a priority housing application for the past eight years.

Tammy is a victim-survivor of family violence and has an un-related brain injury.

Ms Temple has been living in a private rental but has to vacate by 27 February.

She is concerned that she and her 9-year-old daughter will be left with nowhere to go.

She is being considered for Rapid Rehousing, but she has not been given an indication of when and if she will be housed.

She has been regularly urged to expand her suburb selection by Housing Connect.

However, due to her brain injury, she needs to be close to her family and doctor and has selected suburbs accordingly.

Tammy is in desperate need of housing and time is running out before she has to leave her private rental.

Tammy is doing all the right things and yet she is still waiting, due to this government’s mismanagement of the housing system.

Labor would prioritise repairing the 215 public housing homes currently in a state of disrepair and not inhabited so that people in Tammy’s circumstances have a place to live straight away.

Originally published February 8, 2023

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