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Tasmanians hurting as housing crisis goes on under Liberals

The minority Liberal government’s lack of action on the housing crisis continues to cause pain and stress for Tasmanians trying to put a roof over their families’ heads.

Katlyn lives in a two-bedroom Homes Tasmania property with her partner and three children, aged eight, six and three.

While their place has been a good place to call home, with a growing family they need room to accommodate them all.

Katlyn has applied for a four-bedroom property but would also consider a three-bedroom property just to give the family some space.

But Homes Tasmania says the high demand for social housing, combined with the low vacancy rate means they are unable to give any timeframe for the family to be provided with a suitable home.

Here is yet another Tasmanian family living with daily stress because the Liberal government has stalled social housing supply ever since they came to government in 2014.

In contrast, Labor delivered more than 2,000 new homes just in the final four years of government from 2010-2014. If the government had not dropped the ball on housing, there would be far fewer families suffering today.

Labor is focussed on policies that will make a real difference to Tasmanians’ lives.

Under Labor’s Build to Rent program, Tasmania would see an increase of at least 1,000 additional private rental homes enter the market within the first five years and stay in the private rental market for 30 years.

This is on top of the 10,000 social and government homes by 2032.

Labor will also provide a short-term solution for hundreds of Tasmanians by urgently repairing the 215 government houses that remain untenantable and therefore sitting empty – getting even more houses available sooner.

A State Labor Government will also expand the MyHome scheme and get more people into home ownership, driving the market for more new houses.

Tasmanians deserve a government that will prioritise housing and putting a roof over people’s heads – and only Labor has a plan to do so.

September 17 2023

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