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Tasmania Australia’s most secretive state under Liberals

New analysis of the minority Liberal Government’s Right to Information record has confirmed that Tasmania is the most secretive state in Australia, ranking last on many measures.

The Environmental Defenders Office review of the government’s handling of RTI applications underlines the secrecy and lack of transparency which has become a hallmark of the Liberals’ ten years in government.

The report shows Tasmanians are more likely to have their RTI application refused than anywhere else in Australia, with the highest rate of refusals.

Not only that but the analysis shows an unacceptably high rate of errors, with almost 70 per cent of refusals over the past five years being overturned on review by the State Ombudsman.

The analysis also shows unacceptably slow review times, with citizens waiting almost three years to have refused applications reviewed, a large and growing backlog of reviews, and damningly, a low level of government accountability.

This report backs in growing community concerns about the Liberal Government’s lack of transparency and accountability, which has been on full display throughout the lead-up to and signing of the deal on the AFL team and stadium.

Mr Rockliff continually hides behind his ‘cabinet-in-confidence’ excuse for not providing advice from Treasury or other department to Parliament, and his ministers regularly refuse to provide straight answers to straight questions.

Meanwhile, it’s now abundantly clear that the Premier didn’t even take the AFL deal to Cabinet and failed to ask Treasury for advice. It’s unfathomable that the Premier could contemplate spending that much taxpayers’ money without Treasury advice or Cabinet approval.

Tasmanians want to see honesty and transparency from their elected officials but this Liberal government has totally ruined the RTI process and continuously hides important information from Tasmanians.

Labor stands for a culture of openness and transparency and in government we will work hard to repair the damage this government has done to the RTI process.

July 05 2023

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