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No room for hate speech in Tasmania

The outbreaks of violence seen in Melbourne in recent days are extremely concerning.

Anti-trans protesters were seen to give a ‘Nazi salute’ as they marched the streets in support of a travelling anti-trans UK speaker who addressed crowds.

Tasmanian Labor utterly condemns this display of hate and division.

It is worrying that the same UK speaker plans to attend an event in Hobart this week.

There is no room for hate speech or actions motivated by hate in our state.

It is good to know the government plans to progress its draft legislation to outlaw the display of Nazi symbols.

Labor welcomes any action that sends a message to the community that there is no place for hate speech in our state.

However, the bill does not go far enough. It should be expanded to include the banning of other displays of hate such as the Nazi salute and hate crimes motivated by homophobia and transphobia.

Released March 19, 2023

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