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Multicultural event at risk after funding snub

A valuable community market that connects people from migrant and refugee backgrounds faces closure after missing out on State Government funding.

Citizen Tasmania has run the Moonah Bazaar for two years to help achieve its aim of helping people from migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds through arts, culture and music, as well as providing small business mentorship for stallholders.

They receive funding from international organisations including the US State Department but multiple applications for State Government funding have been rejected by the Tasmanian Liberal Government.

Citizen Tasmania Founder and Director Grace Akosua Williams says without government funding, the organisation cannot continue operating the Moonah Bazaar and will also be unable to contribute to events during Refugee Week.

Last year, Citizen Tasmania coordinated a week long program of events to celebrate Refugee Week in Tasmania on behalf of the Government in kind. But without funding they were unable to do so this year.

With a growing multicultural community, these types of events are vital to helping people with traumatic backgrounds resettle successfully and build a new life in Tasmania.

It would be devastating to lose them while the government appears to be focused on the top end of town.

Once again, the minority Liberal government has the wrong priorities and it is the Tasmanian community missing out.

I urge the government to reconsider its priorities and provide the support needed to ensure the Bazaar can continue boosting our multicultural community and give migrants and refugees every opportunity to thrive in their new lives in Tasmania.

28 June 2023

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