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Madeleine Ogilvie shines a light on her disdain for correctional workforce

Madeleine Ogilvie’s decision to recognise our hardworking correctional officers by lighting up a few sites across Tasmania in blue is an insulting move and a pretty dark moment for staff in desperate need of a safe workplace.

Correctional officers at Risdon Prison have said they are constantly dealing with code blacks and other emergencies, lockdowns are again at record highs, and staff are constantly stressed and hampered and working in unacceptable conditions.

But instead of acting on the longstanding concerns of this workforce, and actually making sure they have a safe workplace, the Minister for Corrections and Rehabilitation has decided lighting up the Tasman Bridge, Launceston City Hall and other sites around the state is an appropriate way to celebrate National Corrections Day.

Correctional officers who want prison overcrowding and understaffing dealt with must be incandescent about blue lights that will do absolutely nothing to increase their safety. They want action, not pretty lights, from their Minister.

If the Minister really wants to improve things, perhaps she should provide decent and safe working conditions – or she may as well turn the lights off and go home.

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