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Liberals should apologise for cancelling Fran Bladel’s condolence motion

The Liberal Party’s shameful adjournment of Parliament yesterday has meant the planned condolence motion for former Minister Fran Bladel did not proceed – despite assurances from the Acting Premier that it would.

The Acting Premier told the House at 5.04pm that: 

Mr FERGUSON (Bass - Deputy Premier) - Mr Speaker we have just moved in good faith to continue sitting. I am absolutely determined to get to other formal business so that I can, on behalf of the Government, move a motion of condolence for a former member of this House who has passed away. 

An hour later, Mr Ellis adjourned the House before it had even got to question time.

The Acting Premier misled Parliament, and Mr Ellis demonstrated shameful cowardice in suspending Parliament simply because the government was losing control. 

Fran Bladel’s family knew the condolence motion was to be held yesterday and Mr Ferguson and Mr Ellis owe them an apology.

And they should both apologise to Tasmanians for their disgraceful conduct yesterday.  But after 10 years of the Liberals we won’t be holding our breath.

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