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Liberals have fallen well short on their promise by 682 homes

The latest round of dashboard figures in April round out the first year of the State Liberals’ promise to build 10,000 homes in the next ten years.

The Liberal government made that promise in March 2022.

To deliver their promise to build 10,000 houses in ten years, they need to deliver 1000 a year. In the first year of this promise, they have missed their own target by 682, having built just 314.

This is a government that makes lots of announcements but fails to deliver.

We’re in a health, housing and cost of living crisis and that’s due to the Liberal government’s failure to deliver on key priorities for the people of Tasmania.

We welcomed the promise when it was made. Tasmanians are going to need those homes and more, by the time the ten years are up.

But, it is totally unacceptable that in the meantime people are waiting in desperate need, sleeping in tents, cars and couch surfing when they need a safe place to call home.

If the Liberals haven’t fixed the housing crisis in Tasmania after ten years they never will.

May 1 2023

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