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Liberals have failed Tasmanian renters

New data released by the ABS highlights just how badly the Liberals have failed Tasmanian renters over the past ten years.

Rents in Tasmania have risen more than in any other State, climbing by an average of $120 a week, or more than $6,000 a year, since July 2018. In contrast, in Victoria rents have risen by less than $45.

The Liberals have done nothing for the past ten years while the crisis facing renters in Tasmania has continued to escalate.

Building approvals are down nearly 40% compared to two years ago, while the single statewide planning scheme they promised is nowhere to be seen.

More than two properties a day are being converted into short stay accommodation, because the Liberals have ignored sensible suggestions that would help ensure more homes remain available for Tasmanian renters.

Frankly, if the Liberals were going to take action to support renters, they would’ve done it by now.

That’s why a Labor Government will get more homes built by finalising the long-promised planning scheme, and will also ensure no more homes are lost to short-stay accommodation by placing an immediate pause on any new whole home permits.

Labor will also urgently repair the 215 social and government houses sitting empty because they are “untenantable” to give 215 families a safe place to call home.

Figure 3: Median weekly rent

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, New insights into the rental market 24/04/2023

April 26 2023

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