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Liberals all talk on Donations Reform Bill

Yet another parliamentary sitting week has gone by with still no sign of the minority Liberal government’s political donations reform legislation.

The Liberals continue to stall this important legislation – despite promising that their Electoral Disclosure and Funding Bill would be brought on for debate and completion in the Legislative Council early this year.

And despite having the opportunity to bring it on yesterday, the Legislative Council adjourned early rather than progress this important legislation.

Tasmania has the weakest political donations laws in the country and, even though the Government’s Bill does not go far enough, they are a step in the right direction and Labor debated them in good faith and they passed the Lower House last year.

This is Liberals’ own legislation so what is the hold up? Are they hopelessly divided on this vital area of law reform – or is this another case of all talk, no action from the Liberals.

Tasmanians can have no trust in a government that continually fails to deliver on its commitments.

The Liberals need to progress the debate on this important legislation as they promised – and if they don’t they need to explain to Tasmanians why they haven’t.

September 08 2023

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