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Latest dashboard highlights 10 years of Liberal failure on housing

The latest housing dashboard underlines 10 years of Liberal government failure on housing, with more people than ever waiting for social housing and the Liberals falling further behind on their own new build target. 

The dashboard figures show 4,700 families are waiting for social housing – more than double what it was 10 years ago when the Liberals won government. 

Wait times are also at a record high – more than four times what they were 10 years ago. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, just six new homes were built in January – meaning the government has missed its own target by more than 90 per cent. 

At the same time, maintenance has fallen to the lowest level in years while 238 properties sit vacant. 

This appalling situation is the direct result of 10 years of Liberal neglect – they created this crisis and if they haven’t fixed it in 10 years, they never will. 

A Tasmanian Labor government would make providing the housing Tasmanians need a priority. 

Under our Build to Rent program, Tasmania would see an increase of at least 1,000 additional private rental homes enter the market within the first five years and stay in the private rental market for 30 years.  

A State Labor Government will also expand the MyHome scheme and get more people into home ownership, driving the market for more new houses. 

These initiatives would be delivered on top of the 10,000 social and government homes committed to by the government before 2032. 

It’s time for a better future. A Labor Government will act to fix the Liberals’ mess and give Tasmanians the housing they need.  

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