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Labor welcomes Jari Wise inquest

Tasmanian Labor welcomes the Attorney General’s intervention in the Jari Wise case, directing the coroner to hold an inquest into Jari’s death in 2020.

Labor has been calling for a coronial inquest, which would go some way to giving Jari’s grieving family some of the closure they seek and have the right to.

Jari’s family has been fighting for this to allow evidence not previously considered to be brought forward, heard and considered.

In particular, Jari’s mother Faith has shown enormous strength throughout this time. Faith’s calls for a coronial inquest have been supported by myself and the Tasmanian Labor Party and we congratulate the Attorney General on making the right decision.

Ultimately, nothing will bring Jari back, but a coronial inquest will provide Jari’s family and loved ones with some closure.

May 4 2023

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