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Housing crisis grows under paralysed Liberals

Tasmanians in need of secure housing are being failed every day by a minority Liberal government that remains paralysed by infighting and instability and focused on itself.

Even though Tasmanians have been crying out for action on affordable housing, the latest Housing Dashboard shows both the waitlist and wait times for housing have once again hit new record highs.

The waitlist for March jumped to 4,617 – up from 2,183 when the Liberals first came to office.

And Tasmanians are waiting an average of 81.3 weeks – up from 21 weeks when the Liberals won government.

This crisis has been growing over almost 10 years of Liberal government, but instead of taking the action needed to fix it, they have not only failed to act, but are now so riven by their own internal divisions that is all they are focused on.

In contrast, Labor is ready to govern and Labor is focussed on policies that will make a real difference to Tasmanians’ lives.

Under our Build to Rent program, Tasmania would see an increase of at least 1,000 additional private rental homes enter the market within the first five years and stay in the private rental market for 30 years. This is on top of the 10,000 social and government homes by 2032.

Labor will also provide an immediate solution for hundreds of Tasmanians by urgently repairing the 215 government houses that remain untenantable and therefore sitting empty – getting even more houses available sooner.

A State Labor Government will also expand the MyHome scheme and get more people into home ownership, driving the market for more new houses.

Tasmanians need and deserve a government that is focused on the priorities that matter to them, including the housing crisis, soaring power prices and the skyrocketing cost of living – not a government consumed by its own disintegration.

October 04 2023

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