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Housing crisis getting worse under Liberal’s watch

Despite the Liberal Government’s lofty promises to deliver on housing, today’s Housing Dashboard data shows there is still no improvements as Tasmanians head into another cold winter.

The list of families waiting on the government and social wait list has grown yet again, with 4,557 now waiting. The wait time is now at 79.2 weeks - far too long for people in desperate need to be waiting for a roof over their heads.

When Labor was last in government, 2300 Tasmanians were on the list, waiting on average 21 weeks. While still high, this clearly demonstrates that after nearly a decade of Liberal mismanagement the housing crisis just keeps getting worse.

The Government is big on making promises but has failed to deliver on its own targets. The government needs to deliver at least 83 homes per month to meet their own promise 10,000 homes in 10 years. However in February they delivered only 29 – missing their own target by a massive 65 per cent.

Meanwhile, private sector housing approvals also continue to fall and are now at the lowest level in a decade.

Housing is a key priority for Labor and a Tasmanian Labor Government would immediately get to work at fixing the housing mess that the Liberal Government has created in its decade in office.

Amongst our first priorities would be the urgent repair of the 215 social and government houses that currently sit empty due to maintenance, at least getting 215 families off of that long wait list

Everyone deserves a safe place to call home and Labor would get on with the job of delivering where the Liberals have simply failed.

March 31, 2023

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