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Government must deliver its 10,000 homes on time

Premier Jeremy Rockliff must outline how he intends to build 10,000 homes in the next 10 years, with Tasmania’s population set to exceed 640,000 by 2032-2033.

PropTrack’s May New Home Report, released yesterday, detailed that there is a pipeline of construction work yet to start, driven by the increased costs of materials and labour shortage.

The report goes on to say that with population growth overtaking the number of new homes being built, the supply of properties to buy and rent will continue to be low, pushing up property prices and keeping rental vacancy rates low.

The minority Liberal Government must outline how they will meet their target given the predicted population boom and Tasmania already trying to navigate through a housing crisis.

Housing Dashboard data shows that more than 4,600 Tasmanians are on the waitlist for a home, waiting on average 80.8 weeks to secure a roof over their heads.

When the Liberals first came to office 10 years ago, there were 2771 people on the list for a home, waiting on average 21 weeks.

Instead of taking action, this government has sat on its hands and watched as the housing crisis gets worse. It’s pretty clear that if they haven’t addressed it by now, they never will.

A Labor Government will get more homes built by finalising the long-promised planning scheme, and will also ensure no more homes are lost to short-stay accommodation by placing an immediate pause on any new whole home permits.

Labor will also urgently repair the 215 social and government houses sitting empty because they are “untenantable” to give 215 families a safe place to call home.

May 17 2023

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