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Eric Abetz a threat to Rockliff’s leadership

The last thing Jeremy Rockliff wants is Eric Abetz in his party room.


The preselection of Eric Abetz is a big win for the hard-right conservatives in the Liberal party and a huge blow for moderate premier Jeremy Rockliff.


What’s clear is that Jeremy Rockliff has no clout or influence in the Liberal party and is a weak leader.


We’ve seen that with the defection of two of his conservative former members to the cross bench plunging his government into minority and chaos.


The conservatives have had enough of Mr Rockliff’s weak leadership and what they see as ‘moderate’ views and are hell bent on taking over the Liberal party and taking Tasmania back to the 1940s.


If Mr Abetz is elected it won’t be long before he has a crack at the party leadership with the support of people like hard right Michael Ferguson, Guy Barnett and Felix Ellis.

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