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Building a better future with Labor’s plan for 2,000 new apartments

Labor’s top priority is taking urgent action on the cost of living – and that includes urgent action on housing.

Labor’s plan to build 2,000 new apartments will make life easier for renters, by getting more affordable apartments on the market, and give first home buyers a real shot at getting a foot in the door too.

That’s why I’m excited to announce further elements of our plan to build 2,000 new apartments over the next four years.

A Rebecca White Labor government will:

  1. Get more apartment developments off the ground by committing to purchase up to 20 per cent of new developments for use as social and government housing. This will provide certainty to apartment builders and help them secure finance for their much-needed projects. We’ll also remove the Liberals’ cap of one supported development per region over the next four years.

  2. Hold councils accountable for their role in approving new apartments and other housing by creating a “planning dashboard”, similar to health and housing dashboards. We will reward councils that perform well with additional funding for local infrastructure, and name and shame those who contribute to the housing crisis by blocking new developments.

  3. Get more people trained to build apartments, by providing a two-year funding extension for the Master Builders Association’s Hi-Vis Army training program. This program will include a strong focus on helping Tasmanians get Working at Heights qualifications.

After 10 years of the Liberals, rents are up more than $200/week, home ownership is getting further and further out of reach, and blockages in the planning and approvals system are worse than ever. If the Liberals haven’t taken action by now, they never will.

Labor has a plan for a better future – and that starts with urgent action on housing from day one.

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