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Another Tasmanian set to join growing housing waitlist

Today Labor Leader Rebecca White and I met with Nathan Fitzpatrick, who will have nowhere to live when his short-term emergency accommodation runs out in just under three weeks.

Nathan is an NDIS client and lives with significant health issues which makes having stable and secure accommodation even more critical.

He has been waiting on the social housing waiting list for four years, along with the 4,600 other Tasmanians waiting in desperate need to secure a roof over their heads.

This represents a deep worsening of the housing crisis since the Liberals first came to office 10 years ago, when there were 2,771 people on the list for a home, waiting on average 21 weeks.

The cruelest irony is that Nathan, a builder and carpenter by trade has spent his life building houses for others, but now he is in a time of need, there is no support for him.

If the Liberal Government hasn’t addressed the housing crisis in ten years, it’s pretty clear they never will.

May 22 2023

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