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20 year vision an attempt to distract from 10 years of neglect

After 10 years of a Liberal Government, Tasmania’s housing and homelessness situation is the worst it’s ever been.

Labor will always welcome any commitment to increase the supply of housing.

However the Liberals’ past form should give Tasmanians little confidence this announcement is anything more than an attempt to distract from their failures after a decade of neglect.

The Government already has an ambitious housing target which it consistently fails to meet.

Why should Tasmanians believe this new vision will achieve anything different?

While the new Minister has made an ambitious promise, he is playing catch up after ten years of Liberal neglect.

Any increase in supply is to be welcomed, but what does a 20 year plan do for people sleeping rough tonight, or the 4,600 plus families on the wait list in desperate need.

The Liberals tried to pull the same trick with a 2040 health strategy earlier this year, but 20 year visions alone won’t make up for 10 years of neglect.

This government has a history of being big on announcements and poor on delivery, and this latest vision looks set to add to their reputation.

November 16 2023

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