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10 years and still no plan for Clark

Madeleine Ogilvie has admitted that despite being in government for 10 years, the Tasmanian Liberals don’t have a plan for the electorate of Clark.

“It’s time for us to have a really clear vision for Clark,” Ms Ogilvie told media yesterday.

Ms Ogilvie’s statement begs the obvious question – what were the Liberals doing in Clark while she and Elise Archer were the Liberal members apparently representing our electorate?

The answer – not much aside from fighting between themselves.

It is common knowledge that Ms Ogilvie and Ms Archer didn’t speak to one another and were the furthest thing away from an effective team, preventing the government from working together on behalf of the people who elected them.

This speaks to a broader issue within Jeremy Rockliff’s party room, which is clearly too busy infighting to focus on the real issues facing Tasmania.

The Liberals have been in office for 10 years, and have been going downhill fast in the last 18 months since Jeremy Rockliff fell into the Premier’s chair.

If they haven’t got a plan for Clark by now, they never will.

October 24 2023

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