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A photo of Ella Haddad from the shoulders up. Ella Has dark slightly wavy hair that falls just below her shoulder, she is smiling brightly and looks warm and inviting. She is wearing a navy blue blouse  with red and pink floral pattern under a navy blazer. She wears rectangle dark rimmed glasses and small silver drop earrings. The background of the photo is off white.

Caring for Tasmanians

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Ella is driven by the values of equality and fairness and the fundamental belief that every person has a voice that should be heard, and be treated with dignity and respect. She has a history of working and volunteering in social and community services, and is a single mum raising two daughters in the suburbs of her electorate of Clark.

Ella was elected in 2018 and re-elected in 2021 after strong grassroots campaigns that built on her long history of community involvement, work, and volunteering over many decades. She was an unlikely winner in 2018, with her success very much down to her positive campaign, amazing dedicated volunteers, and thousands of conversations while doorknocking across the electorate. 

Ella knows what it’s like to walk the tightrope of work, study, and solo parenting. She’s been a single mum since her daughters were aged five and two. Early on she had to rely on people more than she ever thought she would have to. This included moving back home with her mum with her kids, when she was unable to afford her own place. She knows how lucky she is to have a supportive family.

Ella loves the vibrancy of our communities in Clark,and being from a migrant background, is proud to represent the most multicultural electorate in the state.  Since being elected, Ella has championed progressive law reform from opposition and stood up for our communities.

Ella currently serves as Shadow Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Shadow Minister for Corrections, Shadow Minister for Housing, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Shadow Minister for Equality.  These portfolios align with her passion for social policy and progressive law reform, and for improving the essential services Tasmanians rely on.

Ella is a strong leader bringing heart

back to Parliament 



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